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The National Geographic Educator Community enables teachers to connect with like-minded peers, create personalized collections of NGS resources, and explore National Geographic curated collections and content.

I was given the task of taking this high-level concept of a community and making it concrete by developing user workflows, wireframes, visual design comps, and a prototype.


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Visual Design
Content Strategy
The Queue

User Flows & UX/UI

After whiteboarding sessions to define requirements and objectives, I developed userflows for logged-out and logged-in states. Logged-out users are encouraged to explore National Geographic and member collections and resources. Any attempt to like, comment, follow or collect prompts users to become members of the community.

Once logged-in, a user can like or comment on National Geographic content, follow teachers and collections, and collect resources to personal collections.
The Queue

Visual Design

I proposed a redesigned homepage that promotes joining Community (logged-out) and Network activity (logged-in). Users are encouraged to add teachers with similar interests to their network. They can then toggle between perusing Network Activity or National Geographic Curated Collections.
The Queue
The Queue


The success of Community hinges on teachers adding resources to collections. Below, an activity is added to a new collection. The user is required to input a name and description, set as private or public, and define tags. The user is then given the opportunity to add related content to his collection.
The Queue
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