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Since 2005, National Geographic’s Genographic Project has worked with indigenous communities using advanced DNA analysis to determine where humans originated and how we populated the Earth. By participating in this real-time scientific project, you can learn about your ancient ancestry.

I was given the task of redesigning Genographic's public pages as well as developing a new content strategy for the science behind the project.


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Design Thinking
Content Strategy
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Design Thinking

Our process began with several sessions where we considered existing project prompts and content. We broke down the content and developed a new strategy to entice visitors to engage with the project. I recommended streamlining the flow by limiting public pages to Home, Our Story, and How it Works.

After a participant buys/registers a kit and submits a sample, he must wait 6 weeks for his sample to be processed. To keep the participant engaged until his results are ready, the science behind the project will be released in the form of biweekly science lessons.
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UX/UI & Visual Design

While respecting National Geographic's newly established rebrand, I was still able to create a distinct Genographic look and feel. Participants in the project are embarking on an expedition with National Geographic to not only learn about the science behind DNA and ancient ancestry, but discover who they are and where they come from. My goal was to create an expansive visual experience that reflects the experience of diving into this adventure.
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"Great work and really enjoying the direction we've headed in."

- Mark Marais, Genographic Product Manager